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How to use the Pension Calculator

The i-save Pension Calculator helps you to estimate your pension requirement to maintain the lifestyle you are used to, and the annual investments you will need to make to accumulate the required pension corpus.

Current Age: Please input your age as on your last birthday

Retirement Age: Please input the age at which you would like to retire, and will need your pension from.

Current Post Tax Monthly Income: Please input your monthly income post tax.

Current Monthly Income: Please input your current monthly expenses.

Required Retirement Corpus: The calculator will provide you with the amount you need to accumulate for your Pension to maintain your current lifestyle post retirement. Your lifestyle requirement is determined by your current expenses and is inflation adjusted at 5% annual inflation to your targeted retirement age.

Required Annual Retirement Investment: This is the amount you will need to invest annually to accumulate your desired corpus assuming a 7% annual rate of return.

Note – due to the long term nature of pension accumulation, it is advisable to assume a conservative rate of return to ensure that your requirements are met even in changing market and economic conditions.