Our Customer Promise
Our Customer Promise
  • Best price
  • Most comprehensive
  • Clear & Unbiased
  • Dependable
  • Helpful
Our promise to finding the Best price
  • We are committed to finding the best prices for you
  • We ask all companies to provide us with information and prices of their products to get you the best price
  • We work with companies and negotiate exclusive deals, discounts and benefits so that you can get the best offers on our site
  • We do not “mark up” any prices so that you will not get a better price for the same product directly on the company’s website
Our promise to be Most Comprehensive
  • We compare hundreds of insurance and banking products and information from more than 70 travel sites to ensure that we provide you with comprehensive coverage
  • We ensure that we provide you with information on companies products on our results page, even if they are not advertising on our site or do not pay us
  • We aim to cover all companies. However, we may not have been able to collect information from public sources or some companies may not have sent us their product information and prices. We are committed to making our comparisons comprehensive and will continue to make efforts to get information where possible. Where companies do not send us their information, they may not be featured on our site.
Our promise to be Clear and Unbiased
  • We provide comparisons for all companies that we have data for, irrespective of whether the companies advertise with us or not
  • Our results table displays results in an unbiased and impartial manner
  • Our methodology for rating products uses our proprietary research and algorithm which takes into account prices, product features, customer benefits and servicing. Our algorithm is unbiased and is not influenced by any other factors
  • We work hard to ensure that we compare as many products as possible. If we do not cover any particular company or product, this may be due to any reason, including us not being able to get the required details from the company. We will continue to work on this
  • We do not add any commissions on prices of products that we compare
  • We do not act as intermediaries or agents for insurance and financial products
Our promise to be Dependable
  • We will provide high quality inputs and research on our site for our users
  • Our rating methodology will be unbiased and we will provide high-level information to users and companies on our methodology
  • We will never use your data to make unwanted and spam calls or emails
  • Your personal information will not be misused. We do not share your information with any third party other than with your permission
  • We will provide you with information and content that you opt in for. Even if you subscribe to any information, you have the option to opt out at any stage
Our promise to be Helpful
  • We will provide blogs, articles and FAQs to help you understand products and services on offer in the marketplace. We aim to provide quality content for you
  • You can become a member of our community by registering with us, and get help on our community forum from other customers insights or help other customers with your articles and comments
  • In case you need any information or help, you can contact us via the “contact us” form on the site and we will try and get you the information you need as soon as possible