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Travel Destination: Goa – Sun, Sand and a bit of Heritage thrown in!

clock December 3, 2010 19:02 by author Admin
Goa is city where you enjoy the sun, sand and a rich heritage. Here is all that can help you to plan your trip to Goa. [More]

Travel Destination: Edinburgh- The Picturesque City

clock November 26, 2010 00:23 by author Admin
Edinburgh is the Picturesque City. Here is all that can help you to plan your trip to Edinburgh. [More]

How to find the best hotel deal

clock October 21, 2010 20:58 by author Admin
If you want to find the best hotel deal according to your budget without the hassle of going to multiple travel agents, you might want to check out the internet. You can search on your preferred hotel comparison site and on i-save.com, “i-travel” which will find multiple options for exactly what you want: the possibility to find the preferred accommodations at the best price for your destination. But, how to find the best hotel deal, here are some tips to help you in your search. [More]

Ten things to remember when packing for a holiday with family

clock October 20, 2010 00:09 by author Admin
When travelling with family, one must always first make sure that you have enough security regarding the travel, the place, the hotel etc. also, one need to keep in mind the following things to enjoy the trip to the fullest: [More]

Ten things to remember when going on a beach holiday

clock October 19, 2010 23:56 by author Admin
When going for a beach holiday, all you think about is laying in the sun and swimming in the clear waters. But to enjoy you trip to the maximum, keep these following tips in mind: [More]

Ten things to do when travelling Internationally

clock October 19, 2010 23:48 by author Admin
Traveling is always delightful, be it business or pleasure, but to experience the most from your trip you need to take certain precautions so that you can avoid all possible mishaps, to the extent you can, that may occur which in a foreign country may be harder to resolve. So, to minimize the risks, you should follow ten simple rules, ten things to do when travelling internationally: [More]