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Term Insurance and Pensions – A tale of two risks

clock June 20, 2011 12:39 by author admin
Once upon a time, Term Insurance and Pension plans were having an argument as to which one is more important to an individual. Needless to say, the debate went on till the cows came home and we still had no signs of a clear winner! That is because they both cover two opposite risks associated with our lives – one covers the risk of a life cut short by an untimely death while the other helps you protect your financial future in case you end up living way beyond your earning years. [More]

Be your own financial advisor; after all it’s your money!

clock June 13, 2011 07:34 by author Admin
“My financial advisor is working very hard towards building a retirement plan… It involves my money and his retirement!” In the realm of astonishment, nothing comes closer to the norm that seemingly prevails in the buying behaviour related to financial products like insurance and... [More]

New Year Resolution for a Financially successful 2011

clock December 16, 2010 19:55 by author Admin
New Years resolution for better financial planning. Pointers to set financial goals that will help you get control over your money and become wealthy; retire rich [More]

The new face of ULIPs: What should customers expect?

clock August 31, 2010 02:49 by author Admin
A review of the impact of regulatory changes to ULIPs effective September 2010 [More]

Pensions – Impact of Compounding

clock June 15, 2010 00:43 by author Admin
Planning and actually saving for your Pension early is really critical and can make a significant difference to how much you have when retiring. The following table will illustrate how and why starting early for pension is important. [More]

Market Volatility and Pensions

clock June 7, 2010 03:27 by author Admin
Higher allocation to Equity linked Pension Funds during an age of 20-50 for a Pension maturing at age 60 can help accumulate a larger Pension, working on the belief that the Indian economy is on secular strong growth path and consequently corporate earnings and stock prices should gain over the medium to long term, short term market volatility notwithstanding. [More]

The Proposed Direct Tax Code... and the Impact on your Savings!

clock June 3, 2010 13:59 by author Admin
Under the tax code applicable today, there are some "real" benefits provided to customers in an effort to promote long term savings in the absence of any state provided or compulsory employee pension schemes under the “EEE” regime. But after the proposed changes come into being, the focus for investors will need to move towards investments that provide for a "real" wealth accumulation and not only a tax savings play under the “EET” regime. [More]