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Budget 2011 and its impact on your Personal Finances

clock March 1, 2011 08:34 by author Admin
Impact of Union Budget 2011 on your Personal Finance. Changes in Tax Rates for Individuals. Impact on investments and insurance [More]

Tough times for Indian savers as headline inflation hits 8.4%

clock January 27, 2011 02:45 by author Admin
Headline inflation as measured by the Wholesale price index (WPI) increased in December 2010 to 8.4% up from 7.5% in November.
For Indian savers, this poses a challenge. The average saver is looking for savings avenues that came help him beat inflation.
Bank deposit rates are now below inflation. The average saver, liable to pay income tax at rate of 20%, will need to find deposits @ 10.5%, and those at a tax rate of 30% will need to find deposits @ 12% just to be able to meet the cost of inflation. Interest income below these rates will lead to a loss in “real” terms. [More]

Review your real estate agreements carefully to avoid losing money

clock November 23, 2010 00:51 by author Admin
An investment in real estate is perhaps one of the most substantial financial transactions that one undertakes. There are usually enough and more clauses in real estate agreements that most of us don't read carefully and end up running the risk of being legally and financially out-muscled by large sized companies. Thus keep the following points in mind before you sign any agreement: [More]

Always in motion is the future… Financial tips for young adults!

clock August 20, 2010 03:08 by author Admin
If you are in the age group of 24-30 years old, chances are you have not really given enough thought to matters of personal finance. Contrary to common perceptions, managing your personal finance is not about having to understand and deal with loads of complexity. It is mostly about common sense, a few clichés and a bit of high school mathematics. Here are a few examples: [More]

Pensions – Impact of Compounding

clock June 15, 2010 00:43 by author Admin
Planning and actually saving for your Pension early is really critical and can make a significant difference to how much you have when retiring. The following table will illustrate how and why starting early for pension is important. [More]

Have you heard about "diversifying your investments"...let's find out

clock June 8, 2010 03:45 by author Admin
Diversification means to spread your money around, so that if one investment doesn’t work out, you don’t lose all your money. Diversification also makes sense because no single asset class can be an outperformer consistently across economic cycles. There are a plethora of investment solutions and their numerous hybrids available the in the market like Gold, real estate, Fixed deposits, equity and mutual funds among many others to choose from. [More]