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Life Insurance likely to attract more savers as volatility reduces risk appetite

clock October 15, 2011 07:32 by author Admin
Life 2011 research study by Nielsen suggests more urban indians turning to life insurance for savings, with planned investment of over 50% of investible income [More]

India beat Australia in WC 2011 QFs! Believe it or not but the game sure had some very sound personal finance tips..!

clock March 26, 2011 12:11 by author Admin
It’s a game every Indian has been talking about. After all defeating a team that has been the defending champion for over a decade is no small feat. The game and the manner in which our boys won it just goes to show that winning a cricket match is not just about scoring runs but the pace at which you score them; it’s also about conserving wickets, restricting the opposition from scoring runs, taking their wickets, taking catches, the weather conditions... Managing your personal finances is no different really, is it? [More]

New Year Resolution for a Financially successful 2011

clock December 16, 2010 19:55 by author Admin
New Years resolution for better financial planning. Pointers to set financial goals that will help you get control over your money and become wealthy; retire rich [More]

SENSEX at 19,300... Time for a revisit to Investment 101

clock September 14, 2010 02:40 by author Admin
The Sensex touched a high of 19,400 today, the highest it has been in 33 months, the last time the Sensex was at 19,400 was on 17th Jan 2008. The recent rally has been accompanied by large inflows by FII's into India; and concerns that the markets may be heading towards bubble territory. Without g... [More]

Cricketing Tips for your personal finance!

clock July 30, 2010 20:30 by author Admin
The sooner you start investing, the easier it is for you to achieve your financial goals as your investments have a longer time period to grow. Also, your portfolio also needs optimal deployment and diversification and you need to pace it right, because how much insurance you need changes with time. [More]

Market Volatility and Pensions

clock June 7, 2010 03:27 by author Admin
Higher allocation to Equity linked Pension Funds during an age of 20-50 for a Pension maturing at age 60 can help accumulate a larger Pension, working on the belief that the Indian economy is on secular strong growth path and consequently corporate earnings and stock prices should gain over the medium to long term, short term market volatility notwithstanding. [More]