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New Tax Rates - Tax Calculations for individuals with income Rs. 10,00,000

clock March 2, 2011 13:20 by author Admin
Summary of the additional savings available with the new tax slabs proposed in Budget 2011-12 The biggest beneficiary are the Senior Citizens where the non taxable limit has been increased from Rs 240,000 to Rs 250,000; and qualifying age for senior citizens reduced to 60 years. A new class of ver... [More]

When long term is short and vice versa: Direct Tax Code and capital gains!

clock June 25, 2010 23:58 by author Admin
If you invest in stocks or in equity oriented mutual funds (which is fairly likely), then the revised set of recommendations made as part of the Direct Tax Code are likely to have an impact on taxes applicable to you on gains made from such investments. The revised Direct Tax Code recommendations, however, intend to have a new set of definitions and tax treatment for both short and long term capital gains. [More]

New Direct Tax Code Draft... Be wary of hasty conclusions

clock June 16, 2010 04:38 by author Admin
The Ministry of Finance has now put up a revised draft for discussion on the Direct Tax Code (DTC) which is scheduled to become a law next year. There is a significant benefit of tax exemption on investment contribution; and of tax deferment, as is explained below. [More]

The Proposed Direct Tax Code... and the Impact on your Savings!

clock June 3, 2010 13:59 by author Admin
Under the tax code applicable today, there are some "real" benefits provided to customers in an effort to promote long term savings in the absence of any state provided or compulsory employee pension schemes under the “EEE” regime. But after the proposed changes come into being, the focus for investors will need to move towards investments that provide for a "real" wealth accumulation and not only a tax savings play under the “EET” regime. [More]